Why Have a Heart Foundation exists

We are passionate about saving lives. Every day in the UK, it is estimated that 190 people die of a cardiac arrest incident. That is an alarming statistic and we want to immediately and effectively reduce that number. With your help, together we can save lives.

Have a Heart Foundation was formed in 2013 by Dr Christopher Hale and his brother Eric Hale whose shared dream was to support cardiomyopathy research. Since then, the charity has developed and expanded to reach as many people as possible in order to raise awareness of cardiac fatalities. Our desire to help save lives puts us in a position to really make a difference.

We supply defibrillators and deliver essential CPR and AED training to all forms of public and private places including:

           SPORTS CLUBS - such as Helsby Rugby Union FC and Runcorn Rowing Club.

           OFFICES - such as Mersey Maritime.

          ❥  HOSPITALS - such as Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

          ❥  SCHOOLS - such as Kingsley Community Primary School and Kingsley St. Johns Primary School.In 2018, we launched our highly successful Hearty Program which was kindly funded by sponsors to enable us to deliver CPR guides and bookmarks to schools, libraries and hospitals throughout the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey areas. But we haven't stopped there. With a new eBay store and soon to be opening our very first retail store in Runcorn, an ever-growing social media presence, and a host of sponsors and supporters, Have a Heart Foundation's sole aims of putting defibrillators in as many private and community spaces, and ensuring education in the performance of CPR, is as strong as ever.