Hearty's CPR Guides and Bookmarks

The Hearty Project is our educational tool to teach people how to perform CPR and use an AED. Since the summer of 2017, Have a Heart Foundation has distributed 150,000 CPR guides and bookmarks across Cheshire, Essex, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey.

The Hearty Project teams up with local organisations whose sponsorship enables us to deliver CPR guides and bookmarks to secondary schools, shopping centres, NHS Trust, health clubs and doctors surgeries.

All of our sponsors are local businesses that have kindly supported our campaigns to deliver FREE bookmarks and CPR guides. The guides and bookmarks follow a step-by-step process which is endorsed by the North West Ambulance Service. They are simple, educational and fun!

For more information or if you're an organisation that wishes to get involved, pleas email us at [email protected]