Meet the team

James Rushe - Senior Project Manager

James joined the Have a Heart Foundation in 2019 as our Senior Project Manager. He is responsible for expanding the charity's work in retail and digital media. He brings his experience of 25 years in football and works with all sports clubs to provide life-saving defibrillators and training.

Jaime Carroll - Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Jaime originally joined the Have a Heart Foundation in 2018 as a graphic designer on the Hearty Project before his current role of development and maintenance of social media platforms, website, and online eBay store. He is currently studying Creative Writing & English Literature having previously worked as a video editor and filmmaker in Manchester and Salford, and in market research in Philadelphia, USA.

Our Founders

Dr Christopher Hale

Christopher is a Trustee and an original founding member of the Have a Heart Foundation. Christopher is an ex-professional rugby player and coach and is a regular sports pundit on various radio programs. He was diagnosed in 2009 with dilated cardiomyopathy with left ventricular failure. Christopher has struggled with the condition for ten years and is a strong advocate for teaching young people the skills of performing CPR.

Monika Hale

Monika is a founding member of the Have a Heart Foundation. She is a renown artist in her native country of Estonia and was awarded Interior Designer of the Year in 2018. Monika has had many large art exhibitions throughout Estonia and can be currently seen acting in 'Behind closed doors' on ETV3.