We deliver essential CPR and AED training courses for an organisation's employees and volunteers, as well as to school children, and members and affiliates of sports clubs. These courses run throughout the UK through a network of professionally credited instructors. By increasing public awareness of cardiac arrest incidents, our aim is to pass on our knowledge to course attendees so they will be equipped to respond in such an emergency.

According to the Resuscitation Council (UK), every year sees 30,000 people in the UK suffer from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest where the ambulance services attempt resuscitation - and less than 10% of those people will survive. Yet, if a bystander immediately begins CPR, they could double a person's chances of survival.

Our CPR courses use the latest innovate technology. We use Virtual Reality (or 'VR') headset and phone apps as part of a revolutionary new way in learning CPR.

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